Being a large 43 year-old man with asthma and back issues, I can certainly say that Pilates has definitely improved my everyday life. Movement that I found difficult and painful is much easier and inspires me to do more. When I’ve had to miss my classes, my body certainly knows it and craves to get back to Pilates. Carol’s knowledge of the body and how it all works together is amazing. Two enthusiastic thumbs up!
– Timmy, 43

I am not a spring chicken anymore, and I felt I needed to strengthen my core and stay flexible. I also wanted to get my husband to come. He was beginning to stoop over, and I had seen you straighten others and felt it would be good for him. Now he is hooked on Pilates too!
– Connie

Carol carefully tailored my exercise routine according to what’s going on with my body, Going twice weekly to Pilates and working out on the Reformer has made all the difference both in mind and body.
– Lori, 51

Although I still see a chiropractor and get massages, I do it much less frequently, finding that I can use what I learn in class to relieve some of the symptoms that used to send me to a health practitioner.
– Mary, 51

Besides being so great for the body, balance, toning, strength, stamina and flexibility, Pilates is wonderful for the mind. I started Pilates at 61, and I’d like to think that I’m proof you can teach an old dog new tricks.
– Nancy, 69

In 2007 a new job had me relocating to Savannah and I was fortunate enough to find Carol and Momentum Pilates Studio! Momentum Pilates is awesome. Carol’s approach is stellar and her knowledge is vast.
– Stephanie, 40