Momentum Pilates Studio

Welcome to Momentum Pilates Studio!

At Momentum Pilates Studio, our mission is to excite people about their bodies and get it moving in ways it hasn’t in a while…or ever.  Whether you’re an accomplished athlete looking to further your training or a regular person who wants to strengthen and learn your body better, Pilates at Momentum will challenge you in new, unique, and innovative ways.  Young or old, in or out of shape, we’re all aging, so let’s do it gracefully and have a lot of fun at the same time.  You will be amazed at just how much Pilates will improve your everyday life.  You’ll look and feel so much better, too!

The human body is an incredible creation.  We only get one, so we need to learn it, care for it, and treat it well.  The better we treat ourselves, the better we feel in both simple and profound ways.

It’s your body.  Use it or lose it, baby!